A Good Friday Reflection

Bethany-Angel Chijindu

        Today, Christians worldwide commemorate the death of The Lord Jesus. What’s so special about one man’s death that makes people still talk about it two thousand years later? It’s simply because it’s the most awesome declaration of God’s love to mankind. That He humbled himself to first becoming a man, and then ultimately becoming the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. By His death on the Cross, He once and for all set humankind free from sin and its bondage.

Many may ask why we need a Savior, because you see Man has for a long time considered and seen himself as a self-sufficient being able to do anything he pleases. But we forget that God is above our shallow minds and ways of thinking and doing things. In our quest to be self-sufficient and to be in control of our destinies, we have pushed boundaries that where kept for our own safety, and we have become more violent and selfish. And even after God has graciously provided for us the perfect sacrifice, we still want to save ourselves, using our own limited human knowledge.

The truth is, the World really needs a savior, whether some people want to believe it or not. Because in spite of all of our technological advancements we as humans are still stuck in misery and wanton destruction that fills our world. Everywhere you turn to there is news of violence and death. And God is still the answer to a world that is hurting so deeply. And as believers we can be His agents in helping humanity.

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