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How to Promote a Reading Culture for Children and Youths

          The ability to read is an important skill for anyone to have, and it is never too early to start. For Parents, guardians and all who cater to the needs of children, getting your child to love to read is a great investment not only in the child’s life, but also an investment in our culture and people.

  1. Start early by reading to them from the time the children are babies, so they grow up with reading as a lifestyle.
  2. Lead by example, let them see you reading.
  3. Make books and magazines easily available for them.
  4. Create Book clubs for the neighborhood, or partner with the school.
  5. Create incentives to encourage them to read by offering prizes and gifts when certain tasks are completed, or by organizing reading and writing competitions.
  6. Link reading with their hobbies or things they find interesting, by having them read up and research on the subjects.
  7. Link reading with culture, so they can learn not only their culture but about other cultures as well making them good citizens of the nation and global citizens.

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