Pressing Forward into 2020

The New Year has begun, and we are seven days into 2020 already. Many of us have already failed when it comes to keeping our new year resolutions. This year marks the beginning of a decade. But it is important not to fret, but instead to take a step back and take a good look at what we have our goals and then tweak them to make them achievable goals. Achievable goals are measurable goals that have a time limit.
Here are a few ways we can press forward into 2020.

Think Big but keep Goals short and Sweet

In 2000, for example, my goal was to finish High School and do great in my IGCSE exams. That was a big thing, but I had to break it into smaller sections of activities and goals to be able to achieve my big dream. First, I had to get through the Mock exams, I then sat for two subjects in June before sitting for the main exams in October and November.

I made changes in my studying style. I studied more, and I studied with others who were better at subjects like Physics and Biology that I struggled with every day in class. The results I got at the end of the day were a testament to the hard work I had put in the previous 12 months.

Think Long-Term

Sometimes life does not always go as planned. For example, when I began grad school in 2007, I had no idea that it would be almost 9 years before I would defend my thesis in 2016. I could have given up, but I kept going because I had a goal. The spirit to persevere, is sometimes what makes the difference. As humans who live in this get prosperous quick era with the fast-paced technology. It is so easy to think of ourselves as a failure when things don’t happen for us smoothly or at a scheduled time.

In this fast-paced society of today, we so often make the mistake of thinking that speed alone is a determinant of success. But we forget that quick rates without substance will eventually lead nowhere when the result comes out. Getting success early through schemes that seek to get answers quickly, may work for a while. But in the long run, the progress that is gotten without going through the school of hard work and struggles will not be able to stand up to the scrutiny and the fire that will no doubt come.

Going Through Life Is Like Climbing Up a Mountain or Down a Canyon-There are many levels

You might be in the thick of the struggles now, working on starting that new company, struggling to finish university and graduate. You might also be tempted to compare yourself to your friends and contemporaries who seem to be ahead of you and are posting all these beautiful pictures online.
The truth, however, is that the struggle you are facing now is only preparing you for the next level of greatness. Being able to strive and succeed after going through these struggles, not only strengthens you, but it increases your capacity and sharpens your skills.

With the sharpened skills, ability to persevere, and increased capacity, you will be able to handle more pressure and bloom when you get to the next rung on the ladder of success.

Beware Of Distractions
On our journey to success, we need to be aware that there are distractions out there. These temptations can come in different shapes and forms, and if we are not careful, our minds can quickly shift from our goals to focus on these distractions. These distractions could be past pains, past success, friends, family activities, Television shows. You name it anything can become a distraction if you do not pay attention to what you spend most of your time doing.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do for yourself in this new year. Many times the reason we fail to accomplish our goals is that we are afraid to venture out. So we often stick to activities that are safe and comfortable, hoping that we will achieve our dreams. However, to accomplish great things usually requires us stepping out in faith and doing things that we might have never done before.

My hope for everyone is that 2020 is a year that we all achieve our goals.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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