What’s In Your Hand?

Then the LORD said to him, “Whats is that in your hand?” A staff he replied.

Exodus 4:2 (NIV)

As we begin a new year, I think an essential question we need to answer as we take stock of 2019 and plan for 2020 is to ask what’s in our hands as individuals. We need to start somewhere, and often God has already placed gifts and talents in our hands. He expects that we start using what we already have.

Often, we focus on what’s in other people’s hands, and then we waste precious time waiting for a big break to happen that will catapult us to greatness. That’s what the guy who buried the talent the master gave him did in the parable Jesus told. In the end, he ended up with nothing to show. Instead, he squandered time, talent and opportunities to grow.
So again I ask what’s in your hand? It would be best if you started from there. Stop daydreaming and hatching up make-believe scenarios. You are wasting time. Perfection comes with practice. Much practice using what you already have.

Moses had his Shepherd’s rod in his hands. With that rod came years of experience looking after sheep in the wilderness. However, Moses did not see it that way. The great thing was God used him even with his insecurities about not being a great orator. Leadership, after all, is more than just the sweet words of the leader. Leadership requires discipline, tenderness and toughness to survive during difficult times.
What Moses failed to see was that the rod in his hands was worth much more than he thought. With God empowering him plus his experiences, He had all he needed for the task God was sending him to do. Sometimes like Moses, we let past experiences stop us from venturing into new territories or responsibilities. We assume that what we have in our hands is not enough to do the job.

However, David is an excellent example of someone who saw beyond what was in his hand. He focused on the power of God who had created him and was sending him on the mission.
When David went out to battle Goliath, he went with what was in his hands, his sling and the five stones he picked up. He refused to wear the armor that King Saul had put on him at first. David wasn’t comfortable and equipped to fight with those tools. He was confident that God who helped him with just his sling and stones to kill the bears and lions would also help him out on the field against the giant.

Practice and Time Leads To Increase

Start with what you have now. Interestingly enough, God is in the habit of taking what we have and using it to do great things. He multiplied the five loaves and fishes to feed thousands, he kept replenishing the flour and oil to feed Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath. It is while we are using what we currently have in our hand that we develop new skills and talents. That will enable us to reach, feed more people, and conquer more giants and accomplish the goals and visions we have.

David did not always use a sling and stones to fight, in due time after years of training, he was able to compete with swords and wear the armor of a soldier. So also what’s in your hand now, will not be what’s in your hand tomorrow. You may have one talent or skill today, but if you start using it, you will find that you will develop more skills and expertise along the way that by the end of the day, you will have what you need to do the task at hand. David ended up being a great warrior surpassing those who came before him.

Make use of what’s in your hands

Let’s take a look at Moses, the man who was afraid of speaking in front of Pharaoh. Yet who through God’s guidance went from watching over and leading sheep, to leading his people out of Egypt and being used by God to perform miracles. So what are you waiting for? Begin today to use what you have in your hands. It is not always easy, it will require stepping out in faith. But you can do it, take that first step.

Have a blessed week.

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  1. Great read every time I come to this peaceful haven,reading a lot of inspiring write-ups here always make my day.Bethany Angle writes from the heart,a gifted African queen who loves her job,calling and Jesus. God bless you.

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