Perseverance is a Key to Successful Living

Do you at times feel like giving up, and that you have tried, but nothing seems to be working. Dear friend, don’t give up, because breakthrough is around the corner. As a child my favorite phrase, was I can’t do it. But my Papa was always quick to tell me that I could and I would do whatever it was that I was scared of doing or accomplishing. By the time I was 11 years old, my father had given me a verse Philippians 4:13 which says: I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. And it has been my life verse all these years.

This life I have discovered is not a straight road. There are valleys and detours on the way that often make the journey longer and harder, but with perseverance, faith in God, and faithful friends, you will eventually get to the mountain top.

On the way to the Mountain Top, there are Valleys

Often it is when we are almost at the mountain top, that in our weariness we tend to want to give up. Imagine giving up just when our victory is just around the corner, yet that is when we are tempted to quit. When this happens to me, I am often reminded of my experience when as a 15-year-old; I went on a climbing expedition with my classmates from Chengelo Secondary School, in Mkushi Zambia. We were divided into two groups, and my group wanted to be the first to reach Mt. Mumpu, the third highest mountain in Zambia.

We had walked a great distance from the camp site, we had passed the scary caves with the bats, and we were almost at the mountaintop, but I was too tired to move. I wanted to quit, and rest. After all I had made it this far. All I wanted to do was sit, and drink water, I was so parched, my legs were numb, and I could not believe people were still climbing, where were they getting their strength from I wondered?

Praise God for friends and teammates who gave me words of encouragement. I had never climbed a mountain before, and I wasn’t an outdoor enthusiast, but eventually, one of my friends practically pulled me up that mountain because he believed in our team and me. Once I got up that mountain, I felt an inner joy and peace, I had accomplished something difficult, yes I did it with the help of my team, but I never gave up, and oh what a joy it was to be on top of that mountain and to look down at the surrounding areas. How beautiful it was to be that high.

Do you know when you are on the mountain top you see things differently? You see more clearly because you are at a vantage point. And oh to think how many of us give up when we are in the valley, or just near the peak of what is a glorious experience. But we stop and sometimes we even turn around never getting to enjoy the victory that was within our reach just because we listened to our weak bodies and heart.

Dear friends, you don’t have to give up, and if you have given up, it’s time to get back up, and retrace your steps and conquer that mountain, and slay those giants.

2 thoughts on “Perseverance is a Key to Successful Living

  1. Perseverance and consistency are very important qualities that keeps a soldier going in the heat of adversity.

    No matter what happens, we mustn’t give up!.
    Thank you, Bethany.

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