Never Give Up

Here is something I wrote back in November 2013.

Life’s Journey is not a straight path
It’s a windy road
That curves through the valleys
Before reaching the highest peaks

It’s so tempting when we are in the valley of despondency
To think that life will always be full of sorrow, pain and failures
And that there is no more hope
For Joy has departed

But we only have to lift our eyes up
Looking toward the hills and mountains
For there is our destination
And the God who made them
Will guide us through the valleys, and deep caves
Until we come at last to the place of victory.

Remember dear friends, that success is not failing, but in getting back up, when life knocks you down. Success comes when we refuse to give up, even during difficulties. Instead we keep on moving forwards and upwards towards our goals. And it is the people who never give up that go on to win and become triumphant and victorious.

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