Trying to recapture the lost years.

Yet the Lord says to me, be still

I will restore to you more than you lost

Did I not do it for my servant Job?

But still, I find myself worrying about tomorrow.

The fears come suddenly like a wave in the quiet seas.

So for a minute, I take my eyes off Jesus

And then I find myself drowning

As the fears turn into ferocious waves trying to sweep me under until I am submerged.

Then Suddenly I remember I have a Saviour.

In desperation, I call out his name, Jesus.

Jesus, please rescue me.

In a twinkle of an eye, I find that I am standing on my feet again.

My child, why did you let go?

I was right there with you

All that time, you let the waves overwhelm you.

Then I wept and wept. It was tears of joy at being rescued.

Yet also of sadness for letting fear stop me from believing in my Savior even through the raging storm.

Then I looked up, and all I saw was love, deep love, and I knew right at that moment the joy and peace that comes with being forgiven by the Father.