Giving: An Ultimate Expression of Love

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver

2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)

It’s been a week since we celebrated Easter and Jesus Christ who is the supreme example of a giver. Did he not give his life, what gift can top that?

So I woke up this morning, read my Bible and prayed and decided to rework on a poem that I was planning on posting later on today.
As I was working on the poem, I got an invite from a dear sister in Kenya to a Facebook watch party. I tuned in as soon as I could hear her husband, Bishop David Malombe preaching. I am glad I tuned in; the message was about faith in giving.

I am so excited I took the time out this morning to listen to the message. I especially loved when the Bishop said giving is living. In other words, giving should become a regular part of how you live daily. It inspired me to do better when it comes to giving. It does not pay to be tightfisted, the more selfish you are, the less you will receive. You gain more when you give.

I had just finished listening to the message when a WhatsApp message from my father to our family chat came in. I clicked on it. Below is the image I saw.

Freshly Baked Tillapia

First of all, it made me hungry. It’s just like my father to send us pictures of his culinary conquests. As I sat in bed I just imagined myself back in Arizona enjoying that sumptuous fish and that yummy sauce on the stove. If I were near my father, he would have sent some of that fish to me.

My father loves cooking. You will often find him singing and listening to African music on his Ipad as he whips up something delicious. However, the greatest joy he gets his sharing what he has made with others.

During a brief time, I lived in Glendale, Arizona. My father always made sure he sent me back to the dorms with freshly baked banana bread, and some stew with minced meat. This is an example of what a father’s love looks like to me.

Scrumptious Banana Bread

Now that I am back in Nigeria, I miss those sweet moments of fellowship we shared at the dining table. But I will always be grateful for the times we spent together serving others. I have learned from my father, that giving that comes from the heart no matter how simple it looks is a great blessing.

Our Bond over a meal started a while ago

When Jesus talks of God’s love, it is a love stronger than the love our earthly parents have for their children. He showed this love by dying on the cross of us. But God’s love does not end there. He rose again, thereby giving us hope and victory over death. Then he left us with the Holy Spirit who not only comforts but provides us with the power to be God’s Ambassadors to the rest of the world.

As God’s representatives, we are to be givers just like our Father in Heaven who gives good gifts. Often what we have in our hands might look little and insignificant like five loaves and two fish. Yet when we give it to God; He has a way of multiplying it and making it more than enough to feed thousands.

Many of us as believers are waiting until we have a lot to give. Yet God wants us to offer from the little we have. In doing that we are acting in faith and the reward is that both the giver and the receiver are more blessed. Over and over again in Scriptures, we see people who gave from the little they have and God did miracles with what was provided. Think of the widow of Zarephath.

God looks at the heart and not how much is being given. So don’t deny yourself from giving because you think what you have might be too little. Right now, many people are suffering and in need. We need to find ways we can give out of what we do have. You never know how much it means to those in need when you share with them freely and cheerfully. We are God’s hands and feet, and He already did the heavy lifting when he died and rose again. So let’s begin to rethink how we view giving. Remember it’s one way to show deep love for humanity.