Where are you, my God and Father?

A Tuesday Reflection by Bethany Chijindu 

Inspired by the YouVersion Devotional Reading plan ‘Finding God In The Hard Places’

Where are you, Father?

I ask in tears

The world seems to be falling apart

All around me, there is pain and sorrow.

People are desperately looking for answers.

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Then you answer:

I am with you

I am always with you, till the End of Time

I carried your Sin on that Cross

For a brief time, 

I was cut off from the Father as I hung on that tree

Restoring your relationship with the Father

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Through the pain,

Amid Sorrow

I am with you, It hurts me when you hurt

You are my child

Fashioned in your mother’s womb

Bought with my Precious blood

So why on earth would I abandon you?

You may not always feel my presence. 

But I am still here

Sometimes the problem is you look for me in ways you think I will appear.

Yet I am God not man

I have the power to be in all places at all times.

I choose how I reveal myself to you

You don’t have a say in that

I can choose to draw your attention

through a burning bush in your place of seclusion.

I could decide to call your name at night like Samuel.

I could choose to give you dreams like Joseph.

I could decide to speak through the prophets.

Or I could talk to you through a donkey if you remain stubborn.

I might display myself through fire if you insist on following other idols.

But I might not always use that format. 

Ask Elijah, Who went looking for me in the winds, earthquake and fire

Yet He finally experienced me in the gentle whisper.

However, you do need to be alert and ready for when I reveal myself. 

Just because I spoke and showed and displayed my glory in one way,

Does not mean that’s the only way to get your attention.

I reside in you don’t you know

You may not always feel me

But I am right there

In the form of the Holy Spirit.

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The truth my child is that sometimes you get too busy to hear my voice.

So it’s in those painful circumstances

That you finally realize how far you have gone away from me.

However, my child, I am here.

I have always been here

I will always be here

Call to me, and I will answer

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