Thank you Mama!

Today is Mother’s day, and as people around the world celebrate their Mothers. I am reminded of how important Mothers are. I am so blessed to have not only my mother, but other women who have been mothers to me, and they have played a significant role in the woman I am today.

I believe Mothers are nurturers, they are the people who keep us safe. This year more than ever, with the pandemic, we realize how important Mothers are in keeping our homes safe.

So I want to use this time to say Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing mothers out there. For the mothers who are essential workers, you are more than amazing, thank you for the work you do in serving humanity.

Here is a Poem I wrote several years ago in Nairobi


Mothers are a special kind of people
They are sweet yet can be tough when occasions demand it
Their eyes are ever watching
Their ears pick up on every sound and sign that all is not well
They always know when to give hugs that comfort you in the low moments of life
Their prayers go before us and carry us through the years

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A mother knows when her child needs her
No matter how old I get
I will always cherish my mother
She is a source of inspiration
She brightens the home with her smile and laughter
When she is down , everyone in the house is down too
She is the barometer by which the emotions of the house is measured
Her words have impact on the lives of her children
She encourages and disciplines
She devotes her time and energy to her family
She gives willingly 

Often sacrificing all she has just so her family thrives

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She knows when to just listen
As I pour out my soul
From childhood crushes to the real deal
She knows the appropriate time to give advice
Not just as a mother, but as a friend who has passed that bridge
She knows when to let go
Because her babies one day have to spread their wings and fly
Flying in different directions to find their destinies
But a mother knows that no matter how far the children go
She will always have a special place in their heart
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