Thank you to the valiant men in my life

“Loud courage silences loud fear.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

A Valiant Man is one who sees a wrong and tries to correct it.
The men of Jabesh Gilead in the Old Testament
Are good examples of men of courage
A Valiant Man is one who goes off to war to fight what is just
And to protect the innocent, 
Just like King David, who was mighty in battle.

A Valiant Man is one who rises up when situations arise,
to defend all they hold dear
Casting out fear, in boldness he acts
Knowing it is now or never even if it means risking his life
He does exploits for God, his family and his country
And He sometimes goes the unconventional route
For example, what would five stones in the hands of most people be?
For many, it could be a toy or a souvenir,
But in David’s hands, they were a powerful weapon, 
just ask Goliath

I am grateful to have a Valiant man as my Nna, my beloved father
He may not be a soldier.
But he has proven over and over again that God and his family.
Are the essential priorities in his life, and He will do anything for them.

My Maternal Grand Father, Benoni Ekundayo Frazer During WW2 In India.

My Father may sometimes be unconventional.
He did not bring us up under a totalitarian regime.
Where it was only his voice or Mama’s that was heard.
From an early age, we were asked our opinions on things.
And as we grew older, we also could give advice.
He was not too ashamed to play with us when we were younger.
Or to do silly things with us.
Yet he still maintained order and discipline.
He never forced us to go to a particular school.
Or to choose specific careers.
Yes, he still guides us but allowed us to learn early on in our lives to make decisions.

My Papa is not a typical Nigerian/ African father.
He allows us to follow our hearts and not what society dictates as a suitable career pathway.
After all, if he had listened to his community, He would never have been a missionary
And my story would have been a different one.
I have learned a lot from my father.
Who learned a lot from his father, my Grandfather, another Valiant man.
My father teaches me not only from the pulpit, or the devotional he writes.
But also at home, as he interacts with us as his family.

My Paternal Grandfather, Daniel Ofili Chijindu, Headmaster who served in Different CMS Mission Stations

It was he who encouraged me to fall in love with cooking.
He is one of the best cooks.
And as I write this now, I miss not only him, but his cooking as well.
I think back to all the fun times we had in Akure, Ndola, and Nairobi and, more recently, in Arizona.
Over the years, whether it was in the sitting room during prayers, or in the car, or in the kitchen, we bonded over prayers, food, and family fun.

My father may never go to a literal battlefield.
But he has seen and fought his Goliath’s.
He is a civil war survivor who lost his dad and uncles in the Biafra war.
Papa has let go off the bitterness that could have held him back
And as managed to give my siblings and me
The same kind of love he had growing up before the war.

Having a father like Mr. Emmanuel Chijindu makes life very interesting
He is a funny, thoughtful and inspiring human being.
Who has risked his health, status in society, and a well-paid job to serve God and take care of his family at the same time
Papa, to me, you are a Valiant man, a man of honor, and I am so proud to be your daughter.

Happy Father's Day to All the Men who have paved the way for me!
Even though I never got to meet my Grandfathers,
They have left rich legacies that continue to speak powerfully.

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  1. Beautiful to a man with a beautiful heart.
    You are blessed to have had him for a Papa.

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