A Living Sacrifice

Daily coming to the cross.
I cry out Lord, my body is no longer mine.
My will and my heart now belongs solely to you.
So Father, what will you have me do today?
I offer my life.
It is yours to do with it what you want.

Spirit pour on me your love and power.
To do what you have called me to do.
Even if it will cost me.
I will still follow you.
After all, you paid the ultimate price for me
Your own life for mine
So what can I offer in return but the very life you saved.

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Others before me have laid their very lives on the altar.
Saying goodbye to friends and families,
They went far beyond their shores to unknown lands.
Taking the good news with them.
Knowing not if they will ever return.
But they gave their lives to the one who had set them free.

Leaving behind their secure fortunes and opportunities.
They knew not what the immediate future held.
Instead, they put their trust in Him,
Who knows and controls all things.
Still, others while serving you in desolate places
Offered their health,
Their wealth all for the sake of Christ, their savior
And many have sacrificed the ultimate gift,
Offering their very lives.
Even to the extent of dying as martyrs in their quest,
To make you known in all the earth as the Lord of Lords.
And King of Kings.
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In the eyes of the world, it may seem like foolishness.
And a waste of time, resources, and lives.
But it is the right and the best way to live.
For in living as a living sacrifice,
We live not selfishly.
Nor are we bound anymore to sin,
Christ who lives in us,
Shines through in all we do
In the way, we speak.
And in how we live
So that we live life not as if it belonged to us
But it belongs to Christ.
And we are not only indebted to him.
But are accountable for the way we live.
And so then when we die to sin and to the world.

Every day as we take up the cross and follow him.
Seeds are being planted and watered.
And one-day, fruits will be produced.
For the truth is that life springs up where a living sacrifice is offered,
And death seems to have won, it is then that life shoots out.
A life in Christ, saturated with his life-giving spirit
Will always produce fruits.
Fruits that will last for eternity
Even if it looks like nothing much is going on now
One day in the future
When we are gathered together in heaven
Our fruits will testify not only to the sacrifice of Christ.
But to our lives as witnesses and living sacrifices.

So Lord Jesus
I am willing to follow you
As I take up my cross each day
I lay my life down as a living sacrifice
And where you lead, I will follow
Through the caves and valleys
No matter how dark and afraid I am.

Still, I will follow
Closely behind your footsteps
Until I come to the river
As I wait to cross into the land beyond
Where I will finally meet you face to face
And fellowship with you, God the Father,
The Holy Spirit and all the Saints

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