the Cross

It is not an emblem to be stored as treasure.
Nor Jewelry to adorn our necks.
It is so much more.
So much more.
It was where the Lamb of God was slain.
Once and for all
Taking away our sins, our sorrows,
Our transgressions and diseases
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And still at the cross
I am called daily
To deny my flesh and take up the cross.
How can I deny me, myself and I
They are what makes me, me.
My whole life is about them.
What I will eat
What I will do
Where I will go
Where I will spend my time
Where I will spend my money

After all, if I don’t look out for myself.
Who will?
But you bid me
Come and take up the cross.
Knowing fully well
That to take up the cross
Means no more lying tongue
No more haughty eyes
No more slander
No more deceitfulness
No more cravings for pleasure
No more desire for what looks pleasant to the eyes

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Lord, how can one genuinely deny one’s self?
I hear you whisper
As you say
By surrendering to me
That’s all you need to do
It would be best if you came to a place
Where you are no longer satisfied with yourself
And lay it all down
Then it at that point you are ready to die
Self dies, and I live in you

And day by day
Moment by moment
A change will occur
As you daily take up the cross
And follow me

It is all I am asking
And you will find
That you will learn to love what I love
And do what I do
And cherish what I cherish.

2 thoughts on “the Cross

  1. Love everything about this. So needed to hear this. Such true truths that I need to be reminded of daily. Truth bombs. Thank you.

  2. The cross is an emblem of grace, salvation, and second chance. My favorite hymn remains “The old rugged cross.” Thank you for sharing this, Bethany.

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