Walking in The Light

Walking in the light is no easy task.
There are spiritual battles to be fought.
 Just as there are physical ones
And often just as one ends.
The next battle begins.
I have to be up and ready,
But sometimes I not willing.
And often, I am caught unaware.
As I am left still trying to catch my breath,
from the last battle
If it is not frustration
It is setbacks
If it is not my own doing
It is things beyond my control.

Pride often sits on the throne of my heart.
Forgetting that Christ is the King of my life
And my heart belongs to him.
And despite all that pride
I end up having mud on my face.
And all I thought I had accomplished
Is shown to be mere rags
And then I realise that it was never about me.
And it is when I think it is all about me,
That I fall into a big trap
Opening the door for other pitfalls
Other times it is bitterness.
That like a worm eats into deep corners of my soul.
At first, it does its work so secretly.
Blinding me in the process
That I fail to see how far I have fallen into disrepair

Emotions choke me
I am filled with anger
Because people who I once held dear
Have turned out to be betrayers
They condemn me and ridicule me
Again I realise it is not about them
Nor is it about me.

Because ever since I became a child of God
I became a living sacrifice
It is now all about Him
And so because of Him
I can walk along the pathway of life.
Yes, there might be potholes on the way.
Or diversions blocking my path
But I will continue walking one step at a time.
Focusing on Him, 
the author and one who makes perfect my faith.
Not looking at myself and who I think I am,
 or what I have accomplished.
Not looking at others, at what I think they are, 
or what they have achieved.
Because if I do, I lose sight of the road in front of me
 and the cross that beckons me
And the Savior who calls me by name, 
and says, follow me, my child.

And so I will answer that call and follow him.
For he knows the pathway
Having not only created it
But walked through it himself
Yes though the path meanders through the valley
Still, I will follow
He is right there walking with me.

2 thoughts on “Walking in The Light

  1. Wow. Thank you my friend. Just what I needed to hear and be reminded of. You have such an eloquent way with words. Great job.

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