When last did I speak to my Heavenly father?

Like a father you want to hear from me from your child
Every morning you wait like an eager father
Waiting to share my dreams and aspirations for the day
And you also want to encourage me,
To assure me of your love

But often I am into much of a rush
There are books to be read,
Classes to take,
Food to be cooked,
Babies to be cared for,
Places to go and jobs to be done.
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And so I go out to begin the day
In my own strength
When all I could have done was spend at least 15 minutes
letting you know that I love and need you.

Instead, I just shouted out,
God thank you for today, please guide me
As I rushed out into the morning
Never giving you the opportunity,
to say what your plans are for me today
Or the chance to warn me of impending danger
Or correct me for wrong behaviour

And so my day begins and continues
Without my thinking much of you
And yet I call myself your child
This is not how I behave with my earthly dad
At least I check on him once a day when we are in the same town
To let him know, I am okay and to check if he is fine
And to say I love him.

How much more should I love you, my Father?
You who love me
And gave so much to set me free
And yet all I gave you was a few seconds.

But soon I reach a point
Where I am overwhelmed with life
There is so much to do in such a  short time
That I have come to the tipping end and at the verge of giving up.
And that is when I remember that I have a father,
A father who loves me and still listens to me when I come
All confused wiped out and in need of comfort.
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One thought on “When last did I speak to my Heavenly father?

  1. Such truth. Give God our undivided attention because He gave His life for us.

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