How can I forgive?

How can I forgive?
When my heart has been broken,
and words have been said.
They Pierced right through me.
They hit me at the core of my being.
The actions of those who love me have betrayed me.

Father, how do you do it?
Each day since that day in the garden
You have forgiven humans.
And yet you didn’t have too.
You gave us a garden.
But we disobeyed you.
And as a consequence, we were kicked out.

But you still cared.
You sent leaders
Like judges, Kings and prophets
Until finally you sent your son to die in our place. Outside the city wall, near a garden, you took your final breath
The ultimate sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “How can I forgive?

  1. Forgiveness is a really tough one and it takes the grace of God to practice

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