Adventures in New York (Part 2)

After my first trip to New York in May 2018, I knew without a doubt that I needed to see more of the city. Well, I got my chance a few months later in October. My sister had her Thesis exhibition, and I knew I needed to be there to support and show her how proud of her I was.

This time I went alone and ditched the parental unit in Arizona. It was time to bond with my siblings. I flew into La Guardia Airport and then waited for my sister at the baggage claim area. Once she arrived, we made our way back to her apartment in lower Manhattan. Our mode of transportation; the subway trains.

There is something about going with public transportation that helps you to get a feel of the city you are in. It reminded me of past trips to London. Or that time when I lived in Oakland, California and took the Bart to San Leandro every day for work.

As my sister and I made our way to where she lived from the airport. I got to see the part of the city I failed to see in my last trip. It was good to be with my sister and to catch up. I told her that I just realised we had more relatives on my mother’s side living in Sierra Leone than I had previously thought. She narrated to me about Life in New York.

It took us a while until we got to her place. We stopped at a Popeye’s near her apartment and got some chicken and chips. Then we entered her residence, and I made myself comfortable.

The next day a Sunday we went to Church. I enjoyed it was full of energetic young people. I spent time indoors those first few days as my Sister put finishing touches in preparation for her exhibition. It gave me a chance to relax, as well.

A few days later, My Sister took me out to finally see more of New York. We passed through Wall Street. I got to look at that part of town many people hustle and bustle to get a job. Then we made our way to where we could take a ferry to Staten Island.

It was fun to do things I usually don’t do on a typical day. We could see Lady Liberty from afar. Travelling is something I will never tire of; I will always find a way to seek adventure.

The next day, we made our way to Harlem in the morning to get some braids so my sister could braid my hair and also so she could find some shoes. It was great to catch a glimpse of a place I had read of in history books and novels.

The following day we met up with our brother, who also came into town to support my sister. That evening we went to the venue for the exhibition, and I finally got to see my sister’s work. I felt so proud at that moment as we went around and looked at all the beautiful works of art displayed.

I have always loved art. If I weren’t a writer, I would be an artist in another form. Growing up if I wasn’t reading a book, I was drawing with my Sister. Words and Images have always fascinated me. I was 15 when I got my first camera. So to see my sister’s work displayed was like coming full circle.

After a few hours of watching my sister talk to the guests that came to see her work, we headed out to have some dinner and just catch up as siblings. We don’t always get the chance to be together, and when we do, we make sure we have some fun. We all lived in different states, Arizona, Maryland and New York. We talked for a long time, and then my brother left to begin the long drive back home.

The next day, my sister and I stayed indoors as she braided my hair and watched movies on her computer.

On my last full day in New York, we went out again this time to Central Park. It was just like the shows and movies.

The next morning I was on my way to Arizona. There are still many places I want to explore in New York. I want to experience Christmas in New York. Go on a carriage ride, visit museums and explore more of the history of New York. But I am thankful that I got to taste a bite of the Big Apple.

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  1. Your sister is talented!
    I wish her the very best in her future endeavors.

    You are a talented writer, Beth.
    I love how you detailed these experiences.

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