60 years after Independence, we still cry to be free.
Our Government treats us just as bad as the Colonial Masters.
Maybe even worse, that is what makes it so painful.
We are still shackled to the chains of corruption.
The weight of police brutality so stifling.
It threatens to knock us off our feet.
Yet our cries go unheard.
As those in power ignore us.
They continue getting richer by the day at our expense.

Years passed, and the challenges only increased.
Children finished school, and there were no jobs to be seen.
They found out the hard way that the promised tomorrow was just empty words.
Yet instead of folding their arms and waiting for their Government.
They decided to use their skills and talents.
Creating exciting new ways of doing things.
While making a living and employing other youths.

However, instead of encouragement being offered.
They found themselves as the target of the so-called Police.
Who saw them as thieves.
After all, the President had once referred to them as lazy youths.
Each day as they returned from work.
They had to think of their safety, not from robbers mind you.
But from the men in uniform, sworn to protect citizens.
Because without warning, they could be waylaid.
Resulting in them either having to part with their money, phones and computers.
Worse still they could be beaten and detained or Sadly killed.
All because they were simply going about their business.

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