Years went by, as mothers and fathers wept for their children who never returned home.
Yet it seemed life continued as usual.
The Men in Uniform got bolder in their atrocious and barbaric acts.
The result is more young men and women being abused and killed.

But It soon reached a point where the people could no longer take it.
The frustration that had long been bottled in,
Started spilling over, warning of an impending eruption.
Yet no one at the top seemed to pay any attention.
Thinking nothing will ever change.
You see these leaders felt so confident in their deception.
Every few years they come to us asking for our votes.
Most of the time, buying our votes.
Promising the people what should already exist.
They promised things like excellent roads, electricity, access to health care and a perfect educational system.
So we come out singing and dancing as they campaign across our nation.
Then on election day, we vote them in.
Then suddenly, the airwaves go silent.
Months pass, and before long, we look around and find nothing as changed.
The roads are a death trap.
The schools struggle to keep up with technological advancement.
The hospitals lack the resources they need.
The result is more people dying.
Also, our Youths are left unprepared for the future.
Yet the leaders remain quiet.
In the Senate, they fail to show up for meetings.
When they do, they are seen on our TV screens, dozing and sleeping.
If they are awake, they barely nod as critical national issues are being discussed.
Yet their pockets continue being filled with high figured salaries.

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