So while the leaders slept, the house caught fire.
They assumed the trouble was afar off.
That the people would remain quiet.
But, they thought wrong.

Because the fire is no longer on the mountains.
It has arrived at our doorsteps.
We can no longer ignore the stench.
Or the deep rumblings.
The volcano has been lit up.

We failed to put out the fire when it was still on the mountains.
Like Asa said, 
“There is fire on the mountain tops, and nobody seems to be on the run.”
Well, now we are running like crazy.
Our streets are no longer safe.
Our lives are in danger.
Simply because we exist
As youths, we are tired.
Tired of being targeted by the men who are meant to protect us.

The Youth have woken up.
No longer content to remain silent.
They have found their voice.
They have found that they are stronger when they work together.
Yet, the powers that be, instead of quenching the fire.
Did the most despicable act.
On 20/10/20 they ambushed, shot and killed the peaceful citizens.
As they sat and sang the National anthem.

The traitors chose to do their evil act in the dark hours.
Believing no one would see and they could get away with it.
As the blood of the youths flowed on the now sacred grounds
It stained the flags which just a moment ago, they had been waving.
So now there are the crimson hues mingled with the green and white colours.

At that moment, the Youths cemented their status as heroes.
With many dying for the right to speak and simply be citizens.
We are no longer asking where the heroes are.
Each generation produces them.
Women and Men, who cry enough is enough.
They demand justice.
They demand freedom.

They are here now.
Our heroes rising to the occasion.
They are saying enough is enough.
No longer will we stay silent as injustice occurs.
The result is Mothers and Fathers are left crying in grief and sorrow.
Precious lives have been sacrificed on the altar of change.

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