I have no recollection of when I first tasted the delicious treat and goodness that is ice cream. But I know it wasn’t something that we consumed frequently. Growing up in Nigeria, it was a rare treat.

I was around eight or nine when I remember the Christmas we had guests over for the festivities. I think it’s the one year we did not make the annual pilgrimage to Asaba my paternal homestead. Usually, we would split the Christmas holiday into two. We would spend Christmas in Akure and then journey to Asaba two days later to welcome the new year with extended family.

That year we stayed at home for both Christmas and New Year. There was so many activities. There was Jubilation an annual event that Youth For Christ organised in Akure where we lived.

Often we left the day after Jubilation for Asaba. But this year we stayed in Akure. I vaguely remember us attending a choral music service at a Christ Apostolic Church with the Ares. It was great listening to those angelic voices.

I remember coming back home and digging into the delicious spread that my Parents had prepared. But you know what I enjoyed the most? Yes, you guessed right, the luxurious bowl of vanilla ice cream.

However, it wasn’t until we moved to Zambia that I began to enjoy Ice Cream on a more regular basis. It became our tradition to stop at Shoprite quickly and grab a tub of ice cream after Church service. We got to try out the different flavours every other week. Chocolate, Vanilla, strawberry or Neopolitan flavours.

We often had it together as a family on Sunday evenings. It was a time to gather together and enjoy the delicacy in front of us. It was one of the things I looked forward to when I was away at boarding school.

Later on, when I moved to Southern California, ice cream became something I turned to when I needed comfort. Oh, did I need comfort. I missed my family and friends in Zambia and Nigeria.

There was a freezer full of ice cream in the cafeteria, and I helped my self when I needed something delicious and soothing at the same time.

Then I discovered milkshakes, and I was lost in love. I love me some milkshake. Chocolate and Oreo flavoured ones are my favourites.

On Sunday’s I continued the tradition of having ice cream even though I was on my own. Every Sunday in the Cafeteria, there was a section for students to create their ice cream sundaes. Trust me, that was one thing I looked forward to each week.

As I dug into my bowl of Ice Cream, my mind would often wander, and I would think about my family in Zambia who would have already their Sunday dessert hours before me.

It’s been years since I first discovered ice cream, and my love for Ice Cream has not waned. Although I have had to learn to discipline my self, I can now go months with the delicious treat. But once I taste some of its delightful goodness, it’s hard to stop.

Hopefully, I will get to have some this holiday. It’s been almost a year since I had a taste.

Do you love ice cream like me? If not, what are some of your favourite desserts?


  1. There are so dairy free ice creams I enjoy. I like cheesecake. I have a thing for raspberries and I can eat too many at once.

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