“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

― W.B. Yeats
It’s all about perception. How do you see things? Is the danger near or too far?

A Dream

I was dreaming and saw a yatch it was on the water but near the shore. There were three people on board, a man and his wife, and their servant. They were on the first level of the boat.

The woman saw a man who looked dangerous and yelled out let’s pull away now. Her husband looked away and said, oh there is still time, the man is far away. He then asked his servant who was busy doing something else and not looking, what do you think? The man replied I don’t know.

Then a few minutes passed

I then saw the man, the dangerous man pull out something like a rope and throw it in the direction of the boat. It was like for those scenes in the action movies, where the daredevils do all those amazing and what looks impossible stunts.

And guess what the rope he threw attached to the boat. And he then pulled himself unto to the upper level of the boat. It happened so quickly, one minute he was some meters away from the boat the next minute he was right there.

Of course panic soon followed .

The revelation

It was at this point, I saw a pastor talking to people on a boat. I was among the people. He asked what the lesson was, I answered perception, yes go on. I said it is important to not just trust your own perception outright. Like the husband did, yes he did ask the servant, but you need to ask the relevant people and questions. Supposing he asked the servant to drop what he was doing and look. Or he told him, to go on the upper level and take a look. The man servant would probably have seen things from a different angle. He would have seen that though the dangerous man appeared to be far, he had tools in his hand that could hasten his journey.

selective focus photo of brown dreamcatcher

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

― Edgar Allan Poe

Sometimes you have to act on what you believe. The woman sensed there was danger, but just remained where she was because her husband and servant chose not to believe her.

About if she had gone up the upper level and then taken pictures of the man with the rope. That would be evidence to back up her feelings of danger.

While I was contemplating what was going on I suddenly found myself awake.

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