The Miracle of Life

“Don’t wait for miracles, your whole life is a miracle.”

-Albert Einstein

I actually wrote this piece awhile back. I had just listened to news about another mass shooting and it got me thinking and reflecting on the fragility of life. Life is precious yet day after day, some people behave like it is a common thing that can be easily be manufactured, so they disrespect and disregard it.

Life is so woven intricately, it is both a miracle and mystery. And even before our birth there is a war to ensure we never live. There are miscarriages, others are still born and yet many of us somehow survive and enter into the world. That is a miracle in itself. Think of the many wasted lives that were lost before the advance of medical knowledge and modern technology. For some people they are faced with health challenges from the get go. These health challenges try to limit their mobility and the use of some of their organs. Yet despite that with courage they live and challenge those of us that seem to have everything together.

The struggles

The truth is none of us have everything together. All of us struggle with something. For some people our struggle is obvious to those around us. For some our struggle is within, and for many we have become so good at hiding these moments, and issues. But these struggles cannot stay hidden forever, it will eventually burst forth. The consequence of emotions that are not dealt with is either an hurt or dead individual gone too soon or the individual hurts and kills other people, taking them before their time.

Life is war, and we need to fight to survive. This war starts as soon as we are conceived to the day we take our last breath and we must not relent in getting people the help they need. We need people to live out to their full potential as much as possible. Often so we spend so much focus on our physical health, yet our emotional and mental health are just as important. We need to take time to heal when we go through tough situations. We are not robots, we are humans with feelings and our unchecked feelings can grow into dangerous actions, that could harm not only the individual but the society.

In the end, life is so fleeting, we as humans are here today and gone tomorrow. The question then remains what will I do while I am here? What impact will I make? No matter how long you live, we all live an impact and legacy for those around us.

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