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The resurrection: Worthy of celebration

The Resurrection of Christ is a piece of news worth celebrating everywhere today.

Did you hear the amazing story of the empty tomb?

He is alive.

He resurrected from the grave.

Death could not hold him down.

Victory is ours.

The 2nd Adam made right the evil done in the Garden of Eden.

God and man could once again have an open relationship as true friends.

The Death of the Perfect Sacrifice had conquered sin.

The separation between God and humanity was over.

Jesus, the bridge, had completed his mission in closing the gap.

The first step was dying, and the second step was the resurrection.

The Father in Heaven was satisfied and joyful.

The Three in one were united again after the temporary separation.

That morning the birds sang a special song for joy.

Just as the angels in heaven rejoiced up above.

Earth and heaven, we’re in one accord as they shouted hallelujah.

God in human flesh had accomplished the greatest miracle and the work he promised Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The earth shook as The guards fled away in fear for their lives.

The mighty stone rolled away,

So the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected could walk out of the tomb as the Resurrected Christ.

The stone rolled away, and an empty tomb was what the women saw early in the morning.

Still in shock, they turned around to see bright beings who announced to them the good news.

He is alive; He is alive.

Imagine the joy within the women as they ran back to tell the good news.


Jesus made himself known to quite a few people that day.

He first appeared to Mary, a woman. She thought he was a gardener.

Indeed, He is the Supreme Gardener of the Earth.

Yet when he called her name. She knew it was him, her Rabboni.

All of a sudden, everything was alright with the world.

Thomas felt the scars, and his doubts fled.

He would end up going all the way to India to preach the risen Lord.

Peter was reinstated when he replied he loved Jesus three times.

He would later die on the cross hanging upside down.

No longer a denier, he was a martyr for the Gospel.

Jesus the Redeemer, Born of a virgin, had finally crushed the serpent’s head.

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Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

~John 11:25-26(NIV)

Now we too can enjoy a closer walk with God.

We don’t need to hide in fear and in sin.

Jesus paid the price once and for all.

Because He lives, I have an assurance of my future.

The resurrection power still remains at work today in our day to day lives,

And in our hope of a new body when we transcend into glory.

God raising Jesus from the dead is indeed good news.

So while the world around us may forget why we celebrate Easter.

We know that Jesus is still in the business of reconnecting man to God.

How awesome that He has called us to be a part of his Father’s business.

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  1. What a Powerful Reflection on what Easter is all about. Thank You!!!

  2. Wonderful. My redeemer lives, OUR redeemer lives. God bless you Bethany!

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