Celebrating Another Year Around the Sun

It’s been a week and some days since celebrating another year around the sun. I wasn’t sure how my birthday would turn out to be. But I knew I needed to take time off from work and spend some time resting and reconfiguring my system.

So I applied for a few days leave from work. My birthday fell on a Friday this year. So I did not go to work that day. Instead, I spent the morning at the Salon getting my hair braided.

The plan was that I would head to my cousin’s place in another part of Lagos. So after doing my hair, I proceeded to my cousin’s place. I was already at Oshodi with just one more bus ride to my destination when I had to turn back due to an emergency.

I wasn’t happy about this new development. This wasn’t how I imagined my birthday would be. Seriously I was spending most of my day stuck in traffic in public transportation on a Friday evening.

I admit that I was emotionally crushed at first. My Father called while I was on my way home and tried to comfort me. I eventually calmed down. Reading all the birthday greetings on Facebook from loved ones also helped me feel better. I felt all the love from my family across the globe. I was also thankful for the gifts I received from my parents.

Trying not to feel upset on my birthday

Thankful for another year around the sun

The following day I woke up in better spirits and headed out to spend a few days with my cousin and her family. Her children were waiting to welcome me when I arrived and sang happy birthday to me. Also, my Childhood best friend, who now resides in the UK, surprised me by sending a birthday cake to my cousin’s place. It was overwhelming to have all the love that showered on me.

It was wonderful getting a chance to rest and spend time with members of my extended family. My niece and nephew entertained me and kept me busy the few days I spent with them.

This Friday, a week after my birthday, I left my cousin’s place and headed for Lekki to see my sister. It was good to spend time with her. Although we live in Lagos, we don’t always get the chance to visit often.

Brunch at a Local Cafe

On Saturday morning, after running some errands with my sister. She took me out to eat at a cafe called MyYa’s Cafe. I rarely get to experience this part of Lagos. So it was a treat. I had such a good time. The decor is fantastic, the staff friendly, and most importantly, I enjoyed the food, and I would go back for another delicious meal.

I am so thankful I got to celebrate another year around the sun. I often spend time on my birthdays, having a birthday thanksgiving. It feels good to be loved, and I am grateful for my family and friends who finds ways to show their love, but most importantly, I am thanking God for life.

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