Sundays: The best day of the week?

Are Sundays the best day of the week? Well, it depends. We all have different days we love. Sundays, however, have a special place in my heart.

Sunday Breakfast is the best

I have always loved the opportunity to have Sunday breakfast with my family. Sunday breakfast was to us a big deal. It was the day we got to eat some cornflakes and bread and eggs.

We all gathered at the dining table for breakfast before heading out to church. When we moved to Zambia, breakfast became more spectacular as hams, sausage and bacon were added to the fun fare by my parents.

When we were away at our boarding school, Sunday breakfast was also the best breakfast of the week. There was bread and boiled eggs, and you could bring your cereal as well. The school provided milk straight from the school farm. On a side note, I did get a chance to milk a cow once during Agricultural practicals.

Sunday Worship and Fellowship

As a child, I grew up in the Anglican Church. I loved Sunday school, and getting to learn with others was fun. I loved Bible quizzes and competitions. It was the one area I got to shine.

By the time we moved to Zambia, I was a teenager, and I settled into sitting in the adult service. I loved the singing the most. The harmony was out of this world. I can still say many of the prayers because I just loved how we all said the prayers together from the prayer book.

Away at boarding school, we had a Sunday evening fellowship called Celebration, and that was where I soaked up the teachings and sermons. I also loved the time of worship, as we would sing songs shown on the projector beamed onto the wall.

I came into my faith at this time, so it wasn’t a surprise that I got baptised on a Sunday afternoon just before I graduated.

When I went away to University in faraway California, I struggled to find a Church family. It was in my junior year I finally found a home. I was a nomad for the first two years as I visited many different denominations. It was a good experience that I do not regret.

When I returned to Nairobi to join my parents, I found home again at the Anglican Church in the neighbourhood. I quickly became involved in serving as a Sunday School Teacher. I learned a lot in the process.

Moving back to Nigeria in 2013 and again in 2019 was when I struggled with Sunday fellowship. I have talked about my struggles in a previous post. But no matter what, Sunday worship and friendship will always be important to me.


I have always loved my Sunday naps. Since I was a child till now, I don’t mess with my Sunday naps. It’s time I get to replenish my body.

And having dessert is also a good part of my relaxation. When I was at Biola University, I enjoyed Sunday evening meals because of the Sundaes. Yup, I do have a sweet tooth.

The only downside of Sundays is the evenings because Monday, my least favourite day of the week, is around the corner.

What do you love best about Sundays?

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