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A Reflection on lagos

It wasn’t love at first sight.
I am not sure if there is love in the equation.
As a child, you were a drive-by experience.
I came to see you briefly on quick visits, and then I was back to my regular life with my genuine love at the time.

But oh, you are so intoxicating.
Each day you draw more people to yourself.
Like bees to honey, people throng to your essence.

There is something about you.
You are ancient yet modern.
The past intersects with the current side to side.
Men and women come seeking to build their future with you.
Many have perished in their quest to woo you.
Yet every day, people leave their first loves and family and rush to be with you and in you.

Lagos,You stir me up inside.
You play with my emotions like a musician with a violin.
One minute you have me flying high like a kite.
Smiling at some beautiful experience
And then you bring me crashing down to earth the next second.
Riled and worked up, you almost have me cursing and fighting in the streets.

You draw out the best and worst from people.
The hustling and can-do spirit in them can so quickly turn to greed, overconfidence and aggression.
One minute there is cheerful greetings.
The next second, curses are falling like hailstones to the ground.

a place for growth

Oh, how complex and intriguing you are.
There is never a dull moment with you.
And even though I never thought I would dwell in your presence.
I must confess I have grown while with you.
Sometimes I smile as I look at the strong woman I have become.

But you know what, my heart still yearns for a quieter place.
Lagos, You are still too much for me to handle.
Yet I bid my time for when my true love calls.
In the meantime, I soak up all the knowledge you give me each day I walk on your streets.

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