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Guarding your heart is critical if you want to be successful in life. Our hearts are essential to all that we do as human beings. In scriptures, the heart is shown to be a necessary part of who we are as individuals. It is the controlling seat of not only our emotions but our actions as well.

Our hearts and minds are where the great battles against temptation take place every day. Often we make the mistake of thinking that since we conquered temptation in the past that we might be immune to tricks in the future.

That thinking is a recipe for great disaster. It is that thinking that brought Great men and women crumbling down. The devil is crafty, and the world we live in is ever-evolving and coming up with new ways to steal our hearts from doing what is right.

To work against these schemes, we, therefore, need to protect and guard our hearts as the treasured jewel that it is.

4 steps to guarding your heart

  • Be intentional: You can’t guard your heart if you are not intentional about it. Otherwise, life distractions will easily persuade you to do something else. Intentionality means knowing why you want to guard your heart and what you are guarding it against. The next step of intentionality means taking steps to limit your exposure to what it is that causes your heart to falter.
  • Renew your mind continually: Our heart feasts on what our minds entertain. So one way to guard our heart is to renew it with things that purify and enlighten our minds. Reading God’s word and meditating on it day and night is one weapon we have at our disposal. It enriches our minds and gives our heart content and material to thrive, but it also weeds out harmful and destructive thoughts that often get in through what we consume through the books we read or movies we watch and music we listen to. Renewing your mind also means decluttering and choosing what we allow our minds to consume.
  • Create Space For Forgiveness: Often, when bitterness is in our hearts, we stifle our hearts from functioning correctly. The thing about resentment is that it consumes and corrodes so quickly. Often causing you more harm than even the person or people you hold grudges against. Forgiveness frees us and enables our hearts to take in more positive reinforcements. Bitterness shuts that door to love and light.
  • Create Space For Peace: When we are not at peace, and we worry so much, it begins to control our hearts. We are setting ourselves up for defeat in the long run. Worry generates fear and opens up room for temptation to come in, and we can easily be manipulated to do something we otherwise wouldn’t do.

Scripture to reflect on

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Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

~Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

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