How Reliable are You?

Being Reliable is key to a successful relationship with others, whether at home or in the workplace. Can people trust us at our words when we promise to do things or take specific actions?

I confess that I am not always true to my words and commitments. I find myself going back or failing to do what I promised. This is a sad and painful realisation that I am not who I profess to be. In the past year, I failed to be a woman of my words.

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Why do we fail to keep our promises?

  • As humans, we make many promises without thinking of what we already have on our plate.
  • We struggle with time management.
  • We are afraid to say no, so we take on more than we should.

As a result, we end up being overwhelmed and stuck in limbo and failing to meet our commitments which leads to a breakdown in relationships, as distrust sets in. Once that happens, it isn’t easy to get people on board and your side.

However, this new year I am going to be more intentional about what I promise and keeping them so that people can view me as reliable and someone they can depend on to do as they promised.

Tips on Becoming More Reliable

  1. Define what your purpose is. What is an overall goal at work, in your relationships, in your business endeavours? Often because we are not clear on our purpose, we commit to things that we shouldn’t even go near because they don’t help us fulfil our purpose. We inadvertently accept some of these commitments that are distractions masquerading as essential things to be done. Once you know what your purpose is and are clear about the kind of things that will get you there, you will find that it is easier to say yes to those things that truly matter.
  2. Prioritise your Tasks. All tasks are not equal. The critical thing to look out for is how important or urgent items are. You can use these metrics to determine what needs to be done now or scheduled for later. First on your radar should be those that are urgent and important. Prioritising gives you room to plan effectively and keep your promises and fulfil your commitments.
  3. Learn to Delegate. You can’t do everything on your own, even though sometimes we act as if we can. To be more efficient, it makes sense to delegate some of the responsibilities and tasks to others to focus on your primary top priority.
  4. Think Before Committing to a New Request. Often we get into trouble because we are quick to say yes to our friends and colleagues at work without thinking of the logistics involved. When a new request comes, take a quick inventory of what you have on your desk, and decide if you have space or can make space for the new thing.
  5. Do not be afraid to say no. Some of us struggle with saying no because we don’t want to disappoint people. Yet sadly, when we over commit, we do disappoint others. But learning to have boundaries and choosing when to say yes and no, actually commands respect and trust.

Do you have any tips on keeping to your commitments? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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