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I am glad to say goodbye to January. What a long month January has been. If I am, to be honest, I started the year feeling tired and drained. As I hadn’t fully rested and recuperated during the Christmas break.

Then to make matters worse, my first weekend after resuming work, my smartphone completely stopped working as the battery life was degraded. I so wasn’t prepared for this unfortunate event to happen at the beginning of the new year


Going Back to The Ancient Days

Suddenly I found myself out of the loop and out of touch with the world around me and abroad. I lost access to my You Version Bible Devotional, and by now, I am three weeks behind in my One Year Reading Plan. I also had no access to my exercise app after I started working out again in the mornings.

Then there are all the WhatsApp messages from my loved ones and groups that I missed for like five days before I put my Sim into my old Samsung phone that I bought in 2015. I then used it as a hotspot to connect to the internet on my laptop, and suddenly it was tedious to connect.

So, I had to do without Netflix and YouTube Videos that I usually watch in the evenings after work. There was also no reading of my eBooks on Kindle or listening to my audiobooks on Audible. Facebook and Instagram were also out of the equation. Panic started to set in, but I got a hold of myself after praying for strength and wisdom on navigating and carrying out some tasks I needed to do.

I got my old Samsung to work and act as my hotspot once in a while. But it is not the same. I have learnt through this experience how dependent I became on technology and the internet. It’s not all bad news; I have actually enjoyed the peace of just being and not being attached to my phone. I have had a chance to dream and think more vividly, and I love that.

Lessons Learnt from Saying Goodbye to January

That being said, I still can’t wait to have my phone back in my arms. It deserves some accolades; it has served me well since December 2016. But I have concluded I need another smartphone to have a good backup. I really can’t afford to be out of touch for this long. But I will definitely begin to take a short social media break this year.

Sometimes we need change to come into our lives, no matter how uncomfortable it might seem.

In other news, I am beginning to sense a change in myself. I am coming out of my shell in the workplace. It’s been fun exploring and letting loose in a good way, not taking myself too seriously and learning to have fun.

I can’t wait to see what February brings as I say goodbye to January.

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3 thoughts on “GOODBYE TO JANUARY

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the difficulties you have had in January with your communication devices.
    Indeed God uses the challenges we encounter to teach us new ways of doing things.
    He also uses difficulties to teach to depend on Him; and not on ourselves and our knowledge and skills.
    Through it all, He guides us to emerge better people; closer to what and who He desires us to be.

  2. Hi Bethany. Refreshing thoughts here. True, we need certain disruptions in our lives to see the bigger picture and I am so glad that you mention Prayer helped you firm up. That’s encouraging.

  3. Truth be told, you have graciously handled the lack of access to your phone, which a lot of us cannot say about ourselves if in the same situation.

    But like you rightly said, sometimes we need unexpected changes to help us learn lessons we might have missed otherwise.

    P. S.: it’s lovely to see you coming out of your shell.

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