Love is in the Air

It’s February 14, and love is in the air. The different hues of red are out in a full display of romantic expressions of love.

Flowers and chocolate are selling out as the demand increases at this time of the year. There will be proposals made and lots of merriment for those blessed in loving romantic relationships.

However, there is more to love than romantic love. I was reminded recently about the most powerful type of love—the incarnate love- when God chose to become one of us.

Love in Nature

My Father loves to take walks at the park near his house. I also got to enjoy this park during my time in Arizona. At the park, there are usually ducks and tortoises in the lake.

So my Papa recently took a walk to the park, and I asked how it went. Because you see, I miss the park. I had just recently sent him a slide show of some of the pictures I had taken of our time at the park during my stay.

Now my Papa, who should have been a comedian, answered. Oh, the park is fine; I saw the ducks as they rounded up their fellowship. Then he proceeded to show me the pictures of the ducks at their meeting place. He also mentioned that they kicked the tortoises out of their usual spot to have the meeting.

Now my first reaction was to laugh at the image, but the imaginative part of me began to wonder what they were discussing.

An Illustration of Incarnation

Immediately my thought was like I wondered what they discussed. What’s going on that the ducks needed to gather together like this? How I wish I could understand what they were saying if I was there. Then my father said, Bethany, you would have to become one of them to do that.

Suddenly, it clicked, becoming the people you are trying to reach out to is what Jesus precisely did for humanity. He became one of us.

What a fantastic expression of love! It got me thinking about how I show up in the world around me. Am I willing to step into uncomfortable places and meet people where they are?

Or am I content to stay sheltered in my cocoon of my family, friends and job. Too afraid to venture out and indeed be a witness of Christ’s love to people around me who are hurting and are looking for someone to see them and love them.

This Valentine, I will be thinking of ways to show love to others. Because indeed, love in the air.

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  1. Thank you friend for this reminder. I try to do this in my Teletherapy work and in other areas of my life.

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