Celebrating Mothers

Today in Nigeria, we are celebrating mothers. It is Mothering Sunday, and all the mothers in the church I attend are decked out in their blues and whites.
Growing up in the Anglican Church, I used to be mesmerised by the Mothers Union. As a child, I looked forward to joining the illustrious group. It didn’t matter whether we were in Akure,Ndola or Nairobi. Something about the women in their uniforms and the singing and dancing was attractive to me.

However, interestingly enough, my Mama never joined. She taught me that there is room for one to be unique and march to the beat of your music.
My culture and society expected that I would have long been in my husband’s house at my age. Yet here I am, still longing and waiting to join the group of Mothers.
It feels like, in many ways, I am locked out of so many things all because of my single status.

Thankfully, I am my Mother’s daughter. Despite not being a part of MU, she still found ways to be involved and fellowship with other women.

Today I celebrate with all Mothers, whatever shape they come in. I am thankful to all the women who shaped me and still speak into my life.

A Different Journey to Celebrating Mothers

I have learned that Motherhood is diverse, and we can celebrate mothers in various ways. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to impact future generations. I might not have given birth to children yet. Still, I have the privilege of being an Auntie to several precious children and teenagers.
I am on a journey of becoming the Woman that God finds faithful. It does not matter whether I am married or single or that I have biological children or not; I am a woman unique and blessed.
So even though I am not in my blues or whites, I am thankful today for the woman I am becoming. I can smile and appreciate the women adorned in their uniforms.

Maybe one day I might dorn the colours, or perhaps I might choose like my Mother to be involved in other ways. No matter what, I am thankful to belong to the sisterhood of the daughters of Eve and look forward to one day being celebrated as a mother and raising amazing women.

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