My Journey with Christ (1)

This month makes it 25 years since my journey with Christ truly began. It seemed like only yesterday when I made a lifetime decision to follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

It’s been an exciting adventure full of unexpected detours. Yet 25 years later, I am thankful to be where I am today.

I was a sickly 13 years old when my journey began. I was in and out of hospitals, and my dad finally decided I would be a day student. I had a lot of struggles figuring out who I was and not fitting into our society and even how my family expected me to act and behave.

I had already flirted with harmful thoughts of ending my life. I was supposed to be this godly first daughter of my missionary parents, but I felt like a colossal failure.

Finding Peace

It was a Saturday in April when I accepted Christ’s love and the gift of salvation. After the club meeting held at my home in Ijapo Estate, Akure. I knelt beside my bed and prayed. Immediately afterwards, I felt God’s presence surround me. It was so surreal, and at that moment, I felt so much at peace.

A few weeks later, when I went under for surgery, I was thankful that I had peace with God even though I was scared. Four months later, I moved to another country with my immediate family, and what an adventure that was. Again my new relationship with my Savior helped me navigate my new life.

Years later my faith was severely tested and I found myself at a crossroad. Life wasn’t going the way I expected it to go. I was stuck in a stagnant pool. Feelings of despair and self hatred that I had thought were long buried came back to the surface, raising its ugly head. It also didn’t help that my struggles with PCOS had gotten a lot more complex with more health challenges added to my plate.

I wanted to end it all. Life was too miserable. Every where I turned it seemed like everyone else was progressing. I wasn’t at peace within my very soul.

Thankfully God never left my side even when I could not see or feel his presence. He sent people who cared to surround me with love.

Slowly I began to find peace again. Peace even in the midst of storms. Jesus showed me it was possible. I did not need to have all the answers all I needed was to trust him. And so I went back into his loving embrace.

Jesus showed up for me. He blessed me and restored what I thought was lost. He gave me hope and with that my I began to walk in my purpose again.

Since 2016 when I regained my peace, Situations have come up that have sought to destroy the peace within. Yet, My Lord has been faithful in keeping me safe.

What has been your experience when it comes to following Jesus Christ?

3 thoughts on “My Journey with Christ (1)

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is not always easy to trust everything to God. Sometimes it is easier said than done.

  2. Glory be to God for your wonderful journey with Christ!!!
    When you gave your life to Christ 25 years ago; you became a Child of God; a relationship that supersedes my being your earthly father, and which has made my responsibility of parenting you such a great Joy & Delight.
    Moreover, for 25 years now, we have not just been Father and Daughter; we have also been Siblings (Brother and Sister) – Children together of the same Father in Heaven.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
    How wonderful indeed!!!

  3. This is a beautiful read.
    I pray God continues to uphold you as you continue to journey with him. Amen.

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