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Renewing Your Mind Is Essential to A Healthy Lifestyle

Renewing your mind is essential if you want to live a healthy life. I recently went through rough patches and rediscovered the importance of a renewed mind.

It was only the middle of May, but I was already well spent. Truth be told, I had started the year tired. And now I had run out of steam.

I had some health challenges that confronted me and thus weakened me not just physically, emotionally, and mentally. Yet I was supposed to and expected to function optimally at work and in life.

Negative thoughts were having the time of their life in my head, as they swayed, swirled and caused chaos in my inner mind. Everywhere I turned, I saw gloom and darkness. I had stopped seeing a brighter future.

But thank God for being such a loving father who knows how to provide good gifts to his children. He sent help just in the nick of time. It was my Cousin’s 40th birthday, and she invited me to attend a Faith Seminar Program.

Since my Cousin’s house was far from where I stayed. I decided to leave on a Friday and spend the night with her and the family. Then the following day, go with them to the Faith Program.

Friday came along, but I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared. I was drained and just wanted to crawl under my blanket and sleep. I wanted to just apologize and say I wouldn’t be able to make it.

Yet, I found the strength to get up and pack my bag for the weekend. Then I left the house and headed for Lekki.

Renewing Your Mind Through Scriptures

Looking back, I see it was the Holy Spirit who was guiding me. I am thankful I did not listen to my flesh or feelings. Because during the weekend spent with my Cousin, I found healing, peace and restoration. But most importantly, I was reminded about the importance of renewing one’s mind.

I am grateful for the wholesome meals my Cousin fed me. But I am most thankful for the spiritual food I ate that weekend at the seminar.

The theme of the program was renewing your mind. When I walked into the event, I was so stressed and overwhelmed by life. But as soon as I began hearing God’s word, it all started to melt away. I soaked up the message that day with much passion. It was what I needed at that very moment.

Don’t get me wrong, the issues were still there, but my mindset had shifted. I was no longer concentrating on challenges. My focus was on Jesus and his words and promises to me.

I left my Cousin that weekend well rested and renewed in mind, body and spirit.

Since then, I have faced more challenges, but my outlook is different. I spend time in God’s word, and I reflect on them, and when issues come, I commit them to God’s hands. Sometimes I slide back into negative thinking, but the Holy Spirit quickly comes to help me redirect my mind.

3 thoughts on “Renewing Your Mind Is Essential to A Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Thank You for being so open and willing to share your struggles, and by so doing bringing encouragement, strength and hope to your readers.
    And surely, for pouring out your heart to bless others, God has replenished your strength – setting you on the path of becoming an Overcomer!!!

  2. A lot goes on in the mind. It is important to constantly renew it so that we don’t allow negative things take over us.

  3. Thank you for humbly sharing this. I can relate in different ways. Yes it’s a constant battle of needing to daily surrender to God. Die to myself and fully hand everything over to God believing in His perfect timing for all things.

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