The Big Splash

Life is so unpredictable at times. The big splash can come from nowhere and try to knock you off your feet.

This is a tale that occurred recently.

It was the morning of my parent’s arrival. They were flying in from Atlanta, Georgia.

It was a cold and rainy day here in Lagos, Nigeria, where I currently reside. I was looking forward to reuniting with them.

I was packed and ready to leave the house. Arrangements had been made for my Uncle and me to meet up with the bus at Church and proceed to the airport.

All I needed to do was to get to the Church, which was not too far away from the house.

It sounds like an easy adventure. After all, I have made this same trip to the Church several times.

However, this morning the waters from heaven kept pouring down. I waited for it to stop a bit before heading out.

The Unexpected Big Splash

Plop plop was all I heard, and I saw myself in the muddy waters. My first instinct was to shout. Get me out of here. I quickly lifted my computer bag out of the water by my side as I tried to get out of the water. While also trying to catch the other bag with my clothes.

Thankfully Good Samaritans came to my rescue and helped get me out, and it was near a house I could take momentarily shelter.

I stood in shock, and tears began to fall. How was I supposed to get to the airport now? I was angry at myself and angry at the Okada (Bike)rider.

Was my laptop damaged? What about my clothes and other things I had packed? I called my auntie to let her know what had happened, and then I tried to think of what to do next.

I quickly glanced at my bags; thankfully, most of my things were dry. Also, the rain had paused for a moment. So I found my raincoat inside my bag, put it on and gathered my things together. Then I thanked the people whose house I briefly sheltered and then slowly made my way through the different puddles that were now more like rivers.

As I waded through some pools of water, I began to pray, asking for another bike that would take me safely to the Church.

After walking for a few minutes I found another bike that got me safely to the church where my uncle was already waiting for me on the bus.

On the Way to the Airport

I was glad to be on the bus, as we made our past what used to be roads, but looked like big rivers. I wept inside by the devastation around me . This was a natural disaster, but it was business as usual. I thought of my parents who were going to be welcomed by this unpleasant sight of Lagos flooded. To take my mind out of the fall, I took out my phone and started snapping the scenes around me as we made our way to the airport.

We finally got to the airport, but my experience with the rain was not over. I had to wear my raincoat and wait outside in the rain for my parents. At this point I no longer cared if I got wet, I just wanted to see my parents.

A few hours later, my parents had safely made it outside, and we quickly got into the bus. I was so relieved and happy to see them. As we made our way to my Auntie’s place, I could see their disappointment at how Lagos looked after a few days of rainfall.

That night as I had a bath, it was then I truly exhaled. I hadn’t come undone after the big splash. I had experienced one of my biggest fears, falling inside water, muddy waters for that matter. Yet, I had kept on going towards the goal, getting my parents from the airport.

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  1. Continually encouraged by your faith and trust in God… especially during difficult or trying times.

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