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Fatherhood is key to the health and wealth of society. Yet, there are so many children who miss out on the joys of having a father. I have been blessed to have an extraordinary man as my Father in Emmanuel Chijindu. Thus I have a healthier view of what Fatherhood is and can be. IContinue reading “A REFLECTION ON FATHERHOOD”

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The resurrection: Worthy of celebration

The Resurrection of Christ is a piece of news worth celebrating everywhere today. Did you hear the amazing story of the empty tomb? He is alive. He resurrected from the grave. Death could not hold him down. Victory is ours. The 2nd Adam made right the evil done in the Garden of Eden. God andContinue reading “The resurrection: Worthy of celebration”

The Power of Christ's Resurrection


Yesterday was Sunday, a perfect day to rest, right? Nope, unfortunately, in Nigeria, Going to Church means spending at least four hours at Church. I have no problem with going to Church. But more than three hours is pushing me beyond my capacity. People tend to forget that taking time to rest should also beContinue reading “THE GIFT OF REST”

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