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The Big Splash

Life is so unpredictable at times. The big splash can come from nowhere and try to knock you off your feet. This is a tale that occurred recently. It was the morning of my parent’s arrival. They were flying in from Atlanta, Georgia. It was a cold and rainy day here in Lagos, Nigeria, where … Continue reading The Big Splash

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Renewing Your Mind Is Essential to A Healthy Lifestyle

Renewing your mind is essential if you want to live a healthy life. I recently went through rough patches and rediscovered the importance of a renewed mind. It was only the middle of May, but I was already well spent. Truth be told, I had started the year tired. And now I had run out … Continue reading Renewing Your Mind Is Essential to A Healthy Lifestyle

Finding Purpose in Christ

Growing up in Nigeria, West Africa, there was a lot of time spent thinking of our future and what we wanted to be when we grew up. Sadly there was pressure from many families and society for young people to follow a specific path for careers. Thankfully, I grew up in a household where my … Continue reading Finding Purpose in Christ

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